There are good and bad property managers. The bad ones bleed their clients at every turn and by that I mean they will add on any number of fees just for making a call to have a plumber show up. Others will forget entirely about check ing your property when the tenant moved out without saying anything and boom, you go on for a month or two with no rents and he or she, (the property manager) is in shock. Hiring a PM is very much like taking on a partner. You have to stay in touch and followup with them. Otherwise you can get screwed

This actually happened where a New Orleans property management firm forgot that they were managing a property for an entire year then the owner called me to see if I could go and see what I think of the property. By that time it was too late as the local wild animals had stripped the property of everything.

If you live out of state you cannot manage a house without help near by. I do the best I can to be of service but I’m only human despite what others have claimed.

But more than anything you are paying for that person’s ability and knowledge on both construction plus civil law regarding evictions. One property manager in New Orleans I know once had a tenant that had given him a 30 day notice that he was moving at the end of the month. While the tenant was out of town, the manager evicted him without any judgement of possession by the court and without the constable present. Hence he committed an illegal eviction.

What saved the owner from a high lawsuit was my lease which contained a binding arbitration clause. The owner had to retrieve the former tenants belongings and help him with a hotel room . That result was a lot cheaper than court.

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