That all depends upon what you expect of them. What are your expectations for a property manager?

Personally I would go with one that has experience in construction. And construction experience is a key factor. Also he should be hands on, in that, your property manager has to leave the office and do the leasing of the unit and not leave it to others. He has to be able to know who is in his apartments. He has to know if the work that has been done was zoned correctly.

By law in Louisiana to represent a property owner they must hold a real estate license and work for a broker or be a licensed Real Estate broker themselves, like I am. This way they are accountable to the real estate commission.

What I want to see in a property manager is a person who when notified that a hot water heater is dead will be able to pickup a unit that day and have it installed by the end of the day and not wait till the next Friday when the plumber is back from vacation.

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