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Tenant Property Management New Orleans is a unique business. Not only can New Orleans property run the range from hundreds of years old to very modern, inexpensive to incredibly expensive, but the prospective tenants run the range as well, from easy-going to absolute nightmares. Therefore, it is paramount to have experienced property managers like Coxe Property Management and Leasing.

Property management companies are often the first to recognize that tenants are not just renting apartments or homes but also entering into long-term leases. In New Orleans, few major property managers in the city that take this seriously and are more concerned about getting a quick check than actually making sure the tenants and the properties are a good fit.

Coxe Property Management is different. We make a point of getting to know our prospective tenants first in a face-to-face meeting when the properties are shown. After that, a background check is done including a criminal history search as well as in regards to their credit status. With Tenant Property Management New Orleans one can never be too careful. Someone that might wear a suit to a property showing might have been arrested for major drug possession. We have seen it before and always go by the book.

So, if Tenant Property Management New Orleans sounds good to you, give Coxe Property Management and Leasing a call at 228 229 6373.


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