Services Offered By Property Management Companies New Orleans

When investigating Services Offered By Property Management Companies it is important to know exactly what they are offering. Here is what Coxe Property Management and Leasing can offer you and your property:


What if you knew you would receive your rent payment on time each month, no hassle involved? That’s exactly what happens when you let our team collect your payments.


When marketing a vacant property, we use an assortment of proven advertising tools to connect with a wide local audience of interested renters.


Never find yourself dealing with a rotten tenant again. Our screening process weeds out the bad apples and allows us to find the best renter for your property.


Stop wasting time responding to maintenance requests. Let our team handle the hard work for you, keeping your tenant happy and your home in great condition.


Regular inspections provide unbeatable peace of mind for our clients. Our team schedules visit to make sure everything is going well in your rental unit.


Say goodbye to your tax nightmares, thanks to our detailed financial reports.


When you’ve got a problem tenant on your hands, an eviction might be the safest bet. Let our team guide you through the process & help you find a new tenant for your property.


Don’t find yourself facing legal or financial issues because of a bad decision. We work hard to keep your property compliant and provide expert advice, including a little know legal maneuver that can make your property virtually judgment-proof.

This list of Services Offered By Property Management Companies is by no way exhaustive and Coxe Property Management and Leasing can tailor to your needs. Give us a call at 228 229 6373 for more information.

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