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When asking yourself about Professional Property Management Cost New Orleans, there are many things to consider: Are you able to manage the property on your own? How is your tenant screening? How is your lease? Do you know about property maintenance?

Property management offers a lot of benefits to people, especially when it comes to managing a property on your own. However, if you have a large property portfolio or live out of town, it is important to hire a property manager you can trust.

Coxe Property Management and Leasing has been working in the Greater New Orleans area for over three decades as a real estate agent, broker, and property manager. He has had all types of clients from mom-and-pop property owners, to out of town landlords, and even some companies. With over $30 Million currently under management, he has earned the confidence of a lot of portfolio holders.

One of the things of paramount importance in regards to the management of residential rental property is the tenant screening process. New Orleans is attractive to people from all over the world for a variety of reasons. However, as more people move to the city from other parts of the country, a rather unsavory element has come with them. These people are known as “professional tenants” and know real estate laws better than a lot of lawyers. Do you know how to spot them?

Coxe Property Management and Leasing has a three-pronged approach to tenant screen. We look and verify rental, credit, and criminal histories. You would be surprised how many owners ignore this simple practice and end up wondering why they can’t evict a problem tenant.

Which leads to a secondary point, how good is your lease? Professional tenants can spot a hole in a lease like a rat can spot the holes of a block of Swiss Cheese. This can lead to even more problems if left unattended.

Coxe Property Management pioneered a lease that has been recognized by both the New Orleans Real Estate commission as well as the Louisiana Real Estate Commission for being outstanding in its regards for protecting properties. Simply put, there is a clause in the contract that states, if something occurs, they parties will never set foot in a courtroom to settle differences. This is a big turn off to professional tenants that thrive fear and on shakedowns.

The final point is property maintenance. If you are a new property investor, do you know the difference between a big problem and a small problem? Do you know how to keep a small problem from being a big problem?

Whether it is cracks in the foundation, plumbing issues, HVAC repair or pest problems, Coxe Property Management and Leasing has seen it all. We have a team of specialists on speed dial to assist any and all problems.

Therefore, it is more important instead of asking yourself about Professional Property Management Cost New Orleans to ask yourself about the costs of not using one. So, give Coxe Property Management and Leasing a call at 228 229 6373 or get your detailed In Depth Quote today!

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