When using Google to search for Property Management Companies in New Orleans, no doubt you will come up with Pmi Property Management Real Estate Services. as one of many returned listings. However, it is important that you carefully study the results and ask a number of questions:

Is this a large company?

How are the relationships with their tenants?

How do they protect my property?

While you might find Pmi Property Management Real Estate Services. when you enter the phrase “property management companies in New Orleans” in a Google Search, a much better option would be Coxe Property Management and Leasing. Coxe been in the New Orleans area for more than 30 years, managing more than $30 million in assets. Unlike other companies that can spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to get to the top of the search results, Coxe aims to provide services as boutique agency, giving our clients, their properties, and prospective tenants the attention their deserve.

When it comes to tenant relationships, Coxe Property Management has an almost bulletproof tenant screening process that examines the rental, credit, and criminal history of potential applicants. We also have a special lease with various clauses which actually reduces the chances of a trivial lawsuit.

With construction experience and a team of experts at our disposal, Coxe can solve almost any problem that may arise on a building, including basic issues, HVAC problems, and many others that can occur during the building’s lifespan in such a unique city as New Orleans. If you need quality property management for your Greater New Orleans rental, you need Coxe Property Management and Leasing. Call us on 228 229 6373.


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