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Coxe Property Management and Leasing have been at the forefront of New Orleans property mgmt for many years. We have built a strong reputation and reputation, as well as a track record of success when it comes to managing the assets of our many clients. We offer boutique management services, meaning that our clients get the attention they require. We also work with our own team of highly skilled experts should something occur with the property. From foundation repair, heating and cooling, electrical, carpentry, and legal services, Coxe has you covered.

Good New Orleans Property mgmt is the difference between having a property that cashflows and one that can be an alligator. For those that do not know, they call difficult, non-cash-flowing properties alligators because they can eat owners alive.  Over the course of my career, I have seen this happen time and time again to people that did not hire the best New Orleans property mgmt company. The best way to prevent that from happening is to start with a proven company that has the proper resources and expertise. We work with experts to accomplish your goals and also prevent future problems.

So give Coxe Property Management and Leasing a call today at 228 229 6373.


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