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New Orleans Property Leasing has many aspects that are utilized by a property management specialist like Coxe Property Management and Leasing. These include viable rental comparisons which include taking into account the amenities of the property, a succinct marketing strategy, an airtight tenant screening process, and finally, a protective and iron-clad lease.

First, it is important when a property management professional takes on a new property, he has an idea of how much rent he can charge. Many things are taken into account such as rental season, the location of the property, the amenities that it offers. It is also paramount that he look at rental comparisons of like properties to get a good idea of the going rate for a property.

Second, no one will rent the property if they do not know about it. A great marketing strategy includes having wonderful photos of the property, knowing where to post the rentals, and getting back to inquiries quickly.

Third, an thorough tenant screening process is needed. This includes background checks of an applicant’s credit, rental, and criminal histories. Just because someone seems like the perfect applicant, it is important to check every reference.

Finally, the lease needs to be secure with all the responsibilities of the tenant and the manager clearly defined, such as when and how rent is paid, what utilities are included, and what happens if the tenant does not live up to their responsibilities.

As you can see, New Orleans Property Leasing is not a simple process. Not only does it take lots of work, but all that work is for nothing if the manager does not have experience. With over  30 years of it and over $30 Million under management, Coxe Property Management and Leasing should be your property manager. Please call 228 229 6373 to make an appointment to speak.

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