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“David has been managing my rental property for over a year. He takes care of maintenance or other issues promptly, has maintained a tenant since taking over, and has done a great job. He also provides a reasonable payment structure. Overall, I enjoy knowing my property is being taken care of, and not having to worry about finding and vetting tenants and service people. I had issues with those tasks when I tried to handle the place on my own. It’s worth every penny to hand it over to someone else. Highly recommend.” – Allyn W

“Been renting from David for almost a year now and have been very pleased. He was quick to get things fixed when we first moved in, providing a new toilet seat, light bulbs, and kitchen faucet. He’s always friendly and non-intrusive! Highly recommended!” – Erica L

“We’ve been working with David for a little over 5 months. It’s a relief to know that our property is in good hands! Looking forward to a long business relationship!” – Julie W

“Five Stars” – James C

“Five Stars” – Christina H

“Coxe Property Management And Leasing are very good in there work.” -Peter

“David is an great manager. No problems, no excuses.” -Comment from Google

“I rented a home that David manages for four years. He was an excellent property manager and was always willing to get repairs done, even when I had problems on weekends. I never had to worry about any issues in the home because David was so diligent about keeping things up to date and functioning. He also has a wide network of people he knows to get things done when he doesn’t have the expertise to fix it which was really great. He was flexible, courteous, and friendly. Without a doubt David made my rental experience smooth and enjoyable.” – Jon S.

“I purchased my first investment property in New Orleans several months ago, we live in California. One side of the double is rented out and the other side has been left vacant so that my family and I can use it. It does need a little work that my husband and I will be doing. I found Coxe Management and Leasing on the internet before we bought the house. David met up with my husband to look a house before we bought one. He was very knowledgeable about the area and helped us see that that particular house was not a good deal. We went on to find a much better investment. David has taken care of leasing out the one side to a great family. He checks on it once a month and picks up the rent personally. He deposits the rent in my bank account and I don’t need to worry about a thing. Right after we bought it site unseen, David did some quick repaires that were needed and hardly charged us a thing. When we came out to do some work David let us borrow any tools that my husband needed and even gave us a used stove top oven.

I hope that in the future I can buy another property like this one. David has made the process so easy and profitable. He is the nicest most helpful person I have ever dealt with. If you are looking for a property manager look no further.” – Jenifer M.

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