As a Property Manager in the New Orleans area, I understand just how difficult it can be to find and keep good tenants. What is even harder is locating good labor; painters, carpenters, appliance repairmen, and most importantly, a plumber who does not cost your first-born.

What can Coxe Property Management and Leasing do for you that you are not doing already or have already tried? You may have just gotten your first piece of rental property. Or you may already manage your own property and have been doing so for several years. You may have even tried using a few leasing agents or the services of a large Property Management Company that has lots of exposure.

However, unlike those large companies where you can get lost in their shuffle, I manage and lease every apartment myself. I am not just looking for a one time commission; rather, a long-term business relationship both with you and your tenants. I do my level best to find only the most highly qualified people who can afford to live in your property but also those who will take care of it. It definitely is not beneficial for you in any way if your property routinely has constant turnover and you have a negative cash flow.

Unlike many other real estate firms, a few past experiences with tenants who employ litigious lawyers have taught us many valuable lessons. Our company’s leases contain a Binding Arbitration clause. What does that mean to you? Simply stated, you cannot be forced into a courtroom. If a tenant or one of their guest’s slips and falls and it is no one’s fault. If it is on your property, they must arbitrate.

If you’re tired of having to lease out your units every time one goes vacant, if you are ready for a change but do not want to become one of many under-served clients of a large real estate company, and if you want to do business with the same accountable, ethical person during each step of your property management requirements, then ask me to take a look at your property.

We coordinate all aspects of on-going maintenance, including all activities and records necessary for an effective preventive maintenance program. This includes budgeting and management of reserves and capital projects. Our expert team has construction, insurance and accounting backgrounds; advanced computer knowledge and skill; and over 20 years experience in the real-estate industry.

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David C. Coxe
Broker / Owner
Louisiana Real Estate Commission License #47629
Also Licensed in Mississippi